Interaction and Communication
Save It Up (Stop Food Waste Project) 

During my research, I found that in New York City, food makes up 18 % of all waste. That means that every year, about 3.9 million tons of food from the city ends up in a landfill, while 12.8 % of New Yorkers are food insecure. In interviewing the target demographic for the app, The marjority of the target audience from the survey and interniew were students between 18-24. The responses about awareness of food loss and food waste were different from I expected since most of the answeres were “I’m not aware of food waste”.  So, I changed my direction and added another idea layer to saving food - saving money -  which I believed would encourage individuals who care about money to also cared about saving food. App users can scan the food they purchase, and the app will automatically track the dates until their expiration. Then they can easily toss the food they used to the mouth icon at the upper corner of the screen or the trashcan at the bottom of the screen. Every month or at any time between, a summary is available on how much food and money they saved or wasted.

My Early Prototypes 
Mobile App Wireframes
The Visual Design
Tone & Constraints